“May you live in interesting times.”
-Chinese Proverb

The transformation that we’ve undergone in San Francisco in the last 13 days has been jarring, to say the least. With the exception of those few blithe souls who believe they breathe their own brand of air, most San Franciscans have been profoundly shaken by the events of the past few weeks. And three-week lockdown period notwithstanding, there is no clear end in sight. For better or worse, we are going to have to get used to this, and we’re going to have to change.

To that end, I urge everyone to abide by the precautions being set forth by the authorities. We’ve all heard them, but we’ve got to hew to them in order to halt this crisis. It’s not that hard. Stay six feet away from other people, wash your hands frequently….we all know the drill. And young people who are flouting these precautions shouldn’t kid themselves. There’s no free pass. You could end up in the hospital, and if you’re infected and asymptomatic, your irresponsibility may kill other people at risk. Potentially your friends, and your family.

Sadly, this is not the only threat we’re facing as a result of the coronavirus. In a city largely defined by its small, unique businesses–boutiques, bistros, bars and bakeries–a gauntlet has just been thrown down. Our small businesses are in deep trouble, and they need your help. Because one way or the other, we will emerge from this crisis. But a lot of our small businesses won’t.

Pizza at Tony's Pizza Napoletana - joecontent.net

Just one of the many diabolical pies on offer at Tony’s Pizza Napoletana. | Photo: Sarah Inloes

For these businesses, we can help make the ultimate difference. By patronizing your favorite places during the crisis, you can help them to survive until it’s over. It might be a delivery or takeout order, or just buying a few gift certificates for yourself or friends. And by doing whatever you can today, you can help ensure the places we love will still be around tomorrow.

Below are just a few of the great businesses that would love to see you:

Tony’s Pizza Napoletana – 1570 Stockton Street (http://tonyspizzanapoletana.com)
Capo’s Pizza & Italian Dinners – 641 Vallejo Street (https://sfcapos.com/)
Still open for delivery and takeout

Giovanni’s Italian Specialties – 629 Union Street (http://www.giovannispecialties.com/)
Open 12-6pm, 7pm on weekends (call to confirm hours)

Nick Floulis stands at the ready at Hole In The Wall Coffee. | Photo: Joe Bonadio

Hole In The Wall Coffee – 524 Union Street
Still open for coffee and sandwiches 9am-3pm

China Live – 644 Broadway (https://chinalivesf.com/)
Still open for delivery and takeout

Al’s Attire – 1300 Grant Avenue (https://www.alsattire.com/)
Still open for alterations, shoe repair and dry cleaning

Nils Marthinsen keeps the fires burning at Belle Cora on Green Street in North Beach. | Photo: Joe Bonadio

Belle Cora – 565 Green Street
Selling bottles out the door (check their Facebook page for hours)

Los Mayas – 331 Clement Street (https://www.trycaviar.com/m/taqueria-los-mayas-6531)
Still open for delivery and takeout – for gift certificates, go to: http://squareup.com/gift/SMJJ3MBX4YSBA/order

Green Taste Vegan Foods – 775 Filbert Street (http://greentaste.org/)
Still open; call for hours

Coit Liquor – 1657 Powell Street (http://sfcoitliquor.com/)
Still open; call for hours

Meanwhile, I’m here for the duration, so make sure to come back for more local news and updates. Friends, please stay safe, and be kind to your fellow San Franciscans. I can’t wait to see you in the neighborhood on the other side. Much love.